DVCi R is an exciting new concept in High-Definition video recording for offshore inspection and ROV / diver operations!

High definition video recording system for ROV and diver use without having to upgrade your umbilicals, muxes or control shacks.


Current HD systems are based on broadcast studio level technology that's running HD-SDI signals at over a gigabit between expensive (£1200+) connectors, requiring the latest fiber muxes, umbilicals and slipring technologies. All this cost to bring a signal into the control area where monitors and distribution also have to be upgraded to get the client what they want! Inspection with the detail and clarity that High-Definition can deliver.

DVCi-R comes as a complete subsea camera and topside recording system. Video is encoded subsea and sent to the topside box for control and file creation. Using H264 compression, the data from the camera is small enough that it can be sent over the ROVs own Ethernet. Additionally with the use of a subsea twisted pair driver, the camera data could be sent using any unused copper twisted pair instead.

The topside software will be familiar to users of our inspection systems as the interface is very similar to our DVRi and can therefore also be control by 3rd party inspection software.


Topside Software

Example in Water

Image below taken from offshore construction job.

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Same Component Inspection 2013 vs 2016


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