A derivative of the Company's DVCi HD video over Ethernet camera; the DVCi P is a fully integrated multi camera pipeline inspection and recording system that transmits up to four video images up a single 10/100 Ethernet link in an ROV's umbilical. At the surface the cameras are connected to a topside unit that performs file management and generates three separate but associated video files. The topside also takes in serial data for video overlay purposes. 

Subsea, a small junction POD is supplied to link all cameras to a single power and ethenet connection to the vehicle.  

The cameras themselves are 150mm long and 50mm in diameter at the widest point.


Historically, pipeline inspections have been performed using three standard definition (SD) cameras, the video content has then been encoded at the surface using digital video recorders. In recent times certain clients have looked at using high definition (HD) cameras for these operations, however the majority of such cameras on the market require a dedicated fibre per camera in the ROV umbilical, furthermore specialist cables and connectors are required which are not always transferrable from one ROV to another, even if those vehicles are identical. These requirements mean there are few HD pipeline ready ROVs on the market, as such the mobilisation of such triple channel HD inspections have been fraught with difficulties and delays.

The DVCi P solves many of the above problems. As the encoding is performed subsea the required bandwidth is vastly reduced, thus allowing the three video signals to be transmitted over a single Ethernet link. With such low data rates the system does not require specialist cables and connectors, thus reducing the complexity and duration. Hence the cost of mobilisations of such ROV spreads.

Third Party Software

When controlled via a third party survey software e.g. EIVA NaviSuite, the result is a fully integrated data and video capture, eventing and review experience with much less hassle than that of previous video eventing packages.

Similar Products

The DVCi P is just one of three video over Ethernet camera systems in the DVCi HD range.

The second is the DVCi R, the ROV inspection camera with 10 times optical zoom.

The third is the DVCi D, a diver hat mountable camera with integrated lighting control.

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