DVR Inspector HD (High Definition)

With a long track record in the integrity and inspection market, the DVR Inspector is now available for high definition (HD) recording!

Supporting 720 and 1080 input (up to 3G) camera resolutions, the DVRi HD has a unique ability to record in both high definition and standard definition and has integrated overlay for nav information and component ident.


Learn more about HD here!

Key Features

  • Integrated HD overlay with serial inputs
  • Records composite standard video or HD-SDI up to 3G (1080p)
  • Simple operation with automatic file naming, files stored by time and date
  • From a HD input you're able to record as standard definition for routine (save space) and HD for anomolies
  • Down scaled composite output for distribution / blackbox or viewing on a regular monitor
  • High storage capacity with RAID security
  • 19” rack mount
  • On screen VU meters

On some jobs, it may not be essential to record all footage in HD, so routine footage can be recorded in standard while anomaly clips and still images can be saved in HD.
Alternatively, all video can be recording in high-def or all in std-def or a mixture of both.

The DVRi HD has a SDI pass-through, so a downstream monitor can be used to display the source video with the overlay applied. This is ideal for observing / eventing. The system also has a downscaled composite output thus allowing a standard definition version of the HD input to be displayed on a regular monitor or passed to a standard definition recorder like our 73fifty used for blackbox recording.

The integrated overlay offers internal text writing and graphical image placement functions. It also has 2 external serial ports for accepting remote overlay data from inspection software / CP system etc. The user interface is intuitive and uncluttered with onscreen audio VU meters so configuring the recorder is a simple task requiring minimal operator intervention.

19" rackmount unit houses DVDrw drive and 1TB of secure RAID storage.*

* new chassis version

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