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NETmc Marine is pleased to announce Apollo Offshore Engineering has now, after the successful integration to our SD DVRi,  added our HD SDI DVRi to their list of supported DVRs in their KnowHow Dive software. This now makes our DVRi range the most supported DVR in the integrity inspection market and the only DVRs currently supported by KnowHow Dive. The next step is to interface our HD over Ethernet camera system, the DVCiR, which has been used in several inspection campaigns in the North Sea over the last 24months for a major oil company.

Apollo KnowHow™ Dive allows data, including anomalies, video and images, from subsea IRM campaigns to be entered in real-time as underwater operations are in progress.  The core product of Apollo KnowHow™ already covers topside and onshore data collection and includes a mobile application for data collection in zoned environments and cloud-based reporting and data management.


The NETmc Marine DVRi range are the most commonly used DVRs in the underwater integrity inspection market having being supported by the major integrity software packages for more than a decade.


Combining Apollo’s software with NETmc Marine’s robust recording hardware ensures your acquired video footage is fully compliant with the majority of mainstream video players currently on the market.


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We are exhibiting  at Ocean Business 2017 on the 4th-6th April 2017 in Southampton.


We are exhibiting at Subse Expo 2017 on the 1st-3rd Feb 2017 at the Aberdeen AECC. 


We were in attendanec at the Subsea Springboard: Focus on Reducing Operational Cost Conference on 15th Sept 2016. View our presentation here.


We will be in attendance at the Structural Integrity Management Conference 2016 on the 14th Sept 2016.  View the presentation here.


X-OPS Now Available In High Definition



Netmc Marine’s X-OPS multi-channel digital video recorder now has the option of being able to record high definition video.


Supporting 720 and 1080 camera input resolutions the X-OPS can now give the user the ability to record in both standard definition and high definition while keeping the user friendly X-OPS graphical user interface. Contact a member of our sales team to discuss options available and customize your X-OPS for your specific needs.



See our stand at the Subsea Expo! 3rd-5th of Feb, 2016 at the Aberdeen AECC.

Our stand is 105 (marked in red)

4 Channel version of the DDL software is now avalabe.

NETmc marine Release New Product!


"NETmc Marine, NE of Scotland based provider of digital video solutions, has just launched its latest product; a revolutionary new video system for the pipeline inspection market; the DVCi P


A derivative of the Company's DVCi HD video over Ethernet camera; the DVCi P is a fully integrated three camera pipeline inspection and recording system that transmits the three video images up a single 10/100 Ethernet link in an ROV's umbilical. At the surface the cameras are connected to a topside unit that performs file management and generates three separate but associated video files. The topside also takes in serial data for video overlay purposes. The cameras themselves are 150mm long and 50mm in diameter at the widest point.


Historically, pipeline inspections have been performed using three standard definition (SD) cameras, the video content has then been encoded at the surface using digital video recorders. In recent times certain clients have looked at using high definition (HD) cameras for these operations, however the majority of such cameras on the market require a dedicated fibre per camera in the ROV umbilical, furthermore specialist cables and connectors are required which are not always transferrable from one ROV to another, even if those vehicles are identical. These requirements mean there are few HD pipeline ready ROVs on the market, as such the mobilisation of such triple channel HD inspections have been fraught with difficulties and delays.


The DVCi P solves many of the above problems. As the encoding is performed subsea the required bandwidth is vastly reduced, thus allowing the three video signals to be transmitted over a single Ethernet link. With such lo data rates the system does not require specialist cables and connectors, thus reducing the complexity and duration, and hence the cost, of mobilisations of such ROV spreads.

When controlled via a third party survey software e.g. EIVA NaviSuite, the result is a fully integrated data and video capture, eventing and review experience with much less hassle than that of previous video eventing packages.


The DVCi P is just one off three video over Ethernet camera systems in the DVCi HD range. The others are the DVCi R, the ROV inspection camera with 10 times optical zoom and the third is the DVCi D, a diver hat mountable camera with integrated lighting control."

See our stand at the Subsea Expo! 11-13 Feb, 2015 at the Aberdeen AECC.

Our's is Stand 96 (marked in red).

"Europe’s largest annual subsea exhibition and conference will return to Aberdeen in February 2015".

"Over 5,300 delegates and a further 500 school pupils and students attended Subsea Expo in 2014. The event has grown to become one of the world’s leading events in the oil and gas calendar and Aberdeen’s second largest event after Offshore Europe".

19th December 2014 - 73fifty powered Lander now the UKs deepest vehicle and records deepest ever fish.

Oceanlab's Hadal Lander fitted with NETmc Marine DVR.


Oceanlab's record breaking video footage of fish at a depth of 8145m in the Marianas Trench was recorded using a NETmc Marine 73fifty DVR. The 73fifty DVR is widely used in the offshore ROV and diving industry on a range of projects from drill support to pipeline inspections, it is also used by energy companies as part of their plant inspection programs. The technology in the 73fifty was chosen for the Hadal Lander due to it's low power consumption, quality of recording, compact size and reliability. NETmc Marine also wrote the mission control software for the Hadal lander, programming sleep and on/off periods for filming thus preserving the precious battery life and extending the dive time of the Lander.

A spokesman for NETmc Marine stated "This is the second video system we have developed for Oceanlab, the first (seen here), in 2008, was based on our DVR Inspector; that mission discovered new species of fish between 6000 and 8000m, a depth record at that time." He added, "For the latest mission we used the 73fifty DVR, this allowed us to make a smaller DVR and thus save space in the Lander's pressure pod. We look forward to our continued cooperation with Oceanlab in taking DVRs to where no DVR has ever been before".

Read more at Oceanlabs website:

and also

5-7th February 2014 - Subsea Expo

See us at stand 116

6-7th November 2013 - IMCA Seminar

See us at the Annual Imca Seminar - Singapore

March 2013 - videoSee

Streaming video services from NETmc Marine

NETmc Marine is pleased to announce the launch of it’s new service videoSEE for accessing streaming video. The videoSEE service is aimed at any company that has a requirement to remotely view live video feeds from a vessel or an offshore installation. With minimal vessel setup required, and using the clients own internet connection, videoSEE enables several viewers to log onto a web page and view the video stream. Using the videoSEE multi-view facility, more than one video feed can be viewed, even video from more than one vessel can be viewed at the same time on the same screen, the viewer can then select one of the views for enlarging should the wish.

videoSEE can be viewed on any device that is internet enabled for video, so view it at your desk on your PC or whilst on the move on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. videoSEE allows you to monitor critical situations from almost anywhere with internet accessibility ensuring information is shared with the right people enabling decisions to be made in a timely fashion.

videoSEE has applications in ROV intervention; Diver support; multi-vessel operations co-ordination; analysis of critical situations and many more. With easy access to video, critical situations can be assessed faster and decisions made that could prevent loss of life, loss of down time or lack of preventative action.

videoSEE is a rental service provided by NETmc Marine and can be hired for short and long term periods.

The system is to be demonstrated at Ocean Business on the NETmc Marine stand J1.

For more details contact NETmc Marine at or telephone +44(0)1771644001

6th Feb 2013 - Subsea 2013

See us at Subsea 2013 - 6th / 7th Feb 2013 at AECC. Stand C114

25th Jan 2013 - videoTXT Grid

All new videoTXT units have the ability to display a grid on screen to aid measurement / scientific analysis - size of grid variable.

27th Nov 2012 - OSEA

see us at OSEA 2012, stand 1L2-01 - 27th to 30th Nov 2012 - Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore

October 2012 - DDL Video Tutorials

We now have some online video tutorials available for quickstart into DDL

15th July - Alford Sprint Hospitality

NETmc Marine would like to thank all friends and clients who joined us at Alford for a day of motorsport. Weather was a little disappointing but the burgers were good!

Congratulations to Andrew and John who both won their classes.

May 2012 - Chamber Camera / Lamps

NETmc ship with first 3 pairs of Camera and Lamp units rated for used in a recompression chamber.

8-9th Feb 2012 - Subsea UK

See us at stand B2

January 2012 - 500th 73fifty Sold


June 2011 - Overlays go network

As serial ports become more difficult to find on a PC and running serial cables around a vessel seems like hard work when there is already a survey network in place - NETmc Marine come to the rescue with their LAN enabled option on the popular videoTXT overlay unit.

Simply plug into your network - give it an IP address via normal keyboard onscreen menu or via web GUI (see right) - setup your nav software to send its overlay to that port and off you go.

We plan to add the same functions to our DVRi overlay so inspection setups with coabis will be even easier to deploy - just one cable required!

Jan 2011 - Global Sales Expansion

NETmc Marine, designers and manufacturers of a wide range of digital video recorders to the offshore market, have recently appointed agents in the USA and Singapore to sell their 73fifty DVR, Hi Definition Inspector DVR, Video Overlays and Integrated Diver Video Systems.

Fast Forward, based in Louisiana USA will cover the Gulf Coast of America and Advanced Marine, based in Singapore will support Malaysia and Indonesia.

Raymond Ruth of NETmc Marine said, “Fast Forward has successfully operated a rental pool of NETmc Marine equipment for a couple of years now so, when we decided to look for a company to represent us in the U.S.A., they were a natural choice. John Mosier, the companies CEO, travelled to the UK to finalise their appointment in December 2010 and is now actively selling our products”

NETmc Marine exhibited at OSEA in Singapore for the first time in December 2010. Part of the reason for exhibiting was to check out the market and look for a suitable representative in the area. Raymond Ruth said, “We had a couple of ideas as to who we wanted to work with in Singapore, however it was Advanced Marine’s enthusiasm for our products that made our final selection an easy one.”

NETmc Marine will also extend its rental pool of Inspector DVRs to these regions, holding rental units at each location.

For more details contact:

John Nangle at techsales@

30th Nov - 3rd Dec 2010 - OSEA2010 Singapore

See NETmc Marine in Singapore - for details visit show website;

21st-23rd September - UTC Norway




March 2010 - Oceanology 2010



NETmc Marine will be exhibiting on Stand P205 at Oceanology International , London Excel, 9th-11th March 2010

Pipeline Video Acquisition options with NETmc Marine

NETmc Marine is pleased announce the latest addition to its family of digital video recorders, the Triops. The Triops is specifically designed for the pipeline inspection market; it is a 3U, triple channel video acquisition system, with 2TB of SATA drive storage that allows for the synchronous recording and storing of pipeline video from an ROV.Live view video can be displayed on the QC screen and passed through for display on the ROV monitor if required. Video overlay is also available by use of NETmc Marines Triple channel videoTXT-3, which has up to three serial ports for data input.

To supplement this product, NETmc Marine has partnered with EIVA A/S of Denmark, developers of Marine navigation software, to interface the Triops with EIVA’s suite of software including their newly developed NaviEvent package. NaviEvent allows for both online and offline eventing of pipeline inspections, with video being associated by time, thus enabling a “jump to video” facility, with the NETmc Marine Triops system.

EIVA has also developed a 3D model client deliverable, NaviModel 3D, this allows the client to look at the data in as fine details as is required or to zoom out for a more overall view of the survey area, and of course Triops video can be included in this deliverable.

The Triops/EIVA combination has already caused a stir at the recent Subsea UK exhibition in Aberdeen, where the quality of video, ease of use and integration to a single software package were key points of interest.

The Triops will be officially released at Oceanology International exhibition in London in the week of 8 th of March; we look forward to seeing you there.


February 2010 - Subsea 2010

NETmc Marine will be exhibiting on stand 13 at Subsea 2010 at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. 11th-12th February. New for the Subsea UK exhibition will be our latest product, the Triops DVR. The Triops has been specifically designed for ROV pipeline inspections and will allow synchronized video from up to 3 cameras to be recorded at the same time. The system can be used as a stand alone product. However, through close cooperation with EIVA AS of Denmark, developers of survey software, we have interfaced the EIVA software to the Triops, allowing the survey company to completely control the video recorders over a network. Video can be played back in WMP, a NETmc Marine player or the NEW EIVA 3D NaviModel software enabling jumping to events or position on a pipe.


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