Stand-alone workpack driven inspection / video acquisition package - for each workpack a list of Inspection Points or groups of associated Inspection Points can be created, to which Tasks are allocated e.g. take CP ……

Digital Dive Log

The Digital Dive Log (DDL) is an interactive electronic dive log for use with the NETmc Marine DVR Inspector or X-Ops DVR. The software can run on the DVR itself or on a separate PC and automates the input of data normally recorded during ROV and diving operations...

Live Stream Viewer

Allows video to be streamed from your DVRi or Pro system to any Win2k / XP PC on your network. Plugin to standard media player...

Serial String Parser

Dealing with multiple serial data strings can be difficult - especially if you only require a small amount of information from each and you dont have a complex navigation system to hand to process it.  Our Serial Parser is the solution.

Client Viewers

Single and Multi-channel video viewers. Available for download for use with pkt and mpl files along with optional editing and still image grab versions...

Software Development Kits

Software Developers Kits (SDKs) empower your applications with digital video. Control our range of DV recorders and add multi-channel review, edit and navigation to your existing software...

Remote Controls

Software remote control allows users anywhere on the network to control the DV recorder...

Overlay Writer

NETmc Marine's Overlay Writer application offers an alternative simpler way of operating your serial input overlay. If you do not have the luxury of a controlling survey package, the Overlay Writer offers many advantages over directly typing on your overlay unit's keyboard.

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