Digital Dive Log

Following on from the success of IVM, NETmc Marine has continued its policy of simplification and availability by releasing the 'Digital Dive Log' (DDL). DDL is a striped down version of IVM, the video matrix control and DVR fall over redundancy management is gone, but the overlay control stays and the event log is improved.


The Digital Dive Log (DDL) is an interactive electronic dive log for use with the NETmc Marine DVR Inspector or X-Ops DVR. The software can run on the DVR itself or on a separate PC* and automates the input of data normally recorded during ROV and diving operations.

*if being used remotely, DDLr will take over all functions / control of a DVRi and some of the features of an XOPs depending on the spec of unit. A VPN network connection may be required between the DDL PC and the XOPs to preserve video integrity*

         Intuitive, simple to use menu boxes allow the setup of project information.

         Client / vessel name / location etc can be entered.

         These menus are also used to load back in job information - with summaries of how many video clips / still shots were taken.


         The event buttons can be configured to suit the project. Any event can also be flagged as being an anomaly and can have an associated action (a feature taken directly from IVM) e.g. take grab, start video recorder.

   Familiar to IVM users, the overlay control features allow running headers and free text entry - but can also add time / date, event names and descriptions.

   These additional event tags can be set to be on screen for a limited time (e.g. 10 seconds) so they are only visible when the event button is pressed and for a short while afterward.

  Items are positioned by drag / drop on the setup window.

Replay: When reviewing and event, a clip, grab or some routine video, the material being reviewed becomes the focus of the main video window. The area at the bottom right of the screen (previously the company logo) then becomes the live video image - so you don't miss any new events whilst reviewing ! The views revert back to normal after a few seconds or if the user clicks on the 'live' button


By default, event logs are published to xml files. These have the advantage of being able readable by any PC with a web browser. For example on any PC!
If required, the xml files can be easily imported into excel and created into spreadsheet versions.
We can create user specific or corporate styled report sheets if required.

word docx export into corporate style example:

  If you don't have any of our recorders already then the DDLr unit has been designed to give a simple hardware recording platform for DDL software:

Click on above image to be taken to the DDLr page!

Tutorial Videos!

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