videoSEE - Video Streaming

The requirement to stream live video from vessels is fast becoming a job requirement.

As anyone who may have tried already, the difficulty is the quality and speed of the link between the vessel and shore. To make things worse when using standard video CCTV streaming products, when another user requests to view the stream the traffic on the vessel link increases. Viewing the live video in a corporate IT environment is also a problem as video is often blocked, as are plugins and 3rd party software required to view.

NETmc Marine have developed a set of equipment, tools and web services to resolve these problems. We supply video encoder modules for the vessels which aggressively compress the video and transmit it back to our streaming servers. These servers on-shore can then be accessed by lots of client viewers without increasing any of the sat comms traffic from the vessel.

Numerous users can be added to the servers setup on either a company or project wide basis with each user only able to view the video images they have been authorised to see. A gallery page saves a rolling archive of still images from each camera with server video recording and storage also being an option if required.

Hardware stream decoder modules can be deployed in addition to the web access thus giving a professional mission control / war room like setup right in your own head office!

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