DVCi SR HD over twisted pair camera
21st Oct 2018

All you operators of micro, mini and eyeball ROVs; ever wanted to give your client HD footage but don’t have a fibre or Ethernet link in your umbilical? No problem, all you need is the NETmc Marine DVCi HD camera system for small ROVs (SR). This is the latest addition to our Video over TP range, which was launched in 2017 and includes a full 10X optical zoom ROV inspection camera, a four channel pipeline inspection camera system and a Diver’s hat/handheld version. Integration to the NETmc Marine DVR is a taken, giving you a fully integrated video system. For more details give us a call on +441771644001 or email us on sales.uk@netmcmarine.co.uk


DVCi SD versus videoRay camera
DVCi SD versus videoRay camera
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