RTSP integration to NETmc Marine DVR
1st Aug 2020

RTSP integration to NETmc Marine DVR

NETmc Marine has not been standing still during the Lock
Down, rather we have taken the opportunity to work with other companies and
complete some R&D projects. One such project is the integration of RTSP
cameras to our DVR; which was driven by a client requirement. The RTSP
development was only possible due to Imenco and OTAQ, both of whom lent us demo
cameras for an extended period for testing, and we extend our thanks to both

With this integration the NETmc Marine DVR can be configured
to work with a variety of video inputs including SD composite, HD-SDI, RTSP and
HDMI, the latter is ideal for recording graphics screens such as NAV or sonar
outputs. The unit also supports a number of industry inspection software
packages including Coabis, Apollo, Nexus, NaviSuite and NETmc Marine’s own DDL
and E-inspect packages.

For more details please email sales.uk@netmcmarine.co.uk

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