Universal Content Capture ( UCC ) technology
15th Mar 2022

NETmc Marine rolls out its Universal Content Capture (UCC) technology across its DVR range allowing, for the first time, users to change the input source on the fly live while recording is in progress, preserving perfect linear time, with no loss of quality, and retaining full overlay presentation.

This is ideal for inspection jobs where multiple cameras are used (high def IP camera, low light and tooling regular SD analogue) but the client only wants 1 video file to be recorded - or is using software such as coabis or e-inspect, which is designed to reference a single mpeg file.

The user now has 4 input selector buttons on the main software display - these let you switch between any 4 of the configured inputs live while recording - regardless of what these inputs are - 4k / HD / IP / HDMI / HD-SDI / SD / Composite etc

watch a short video of this in operation https://youtu.be/kEUginRZWvI

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