The first 4K over twisted pair video camera for ROVs featuring full 4K resolution up to 3840x2160. It easily integrates to the NETmc Marine DVR making it compatible with NETmc Marine's e-Inspect, Coabis, ix3, Apollo and Nexus IC asset integrity software package.

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The DVCiR4K ROV camera is the ultimate video solution for ROVs without a dedicated video fibre in the umbilical. Whether you have an Outland 1000, Saab Falcon or a Subsea7 Hercules, your vehicle can now be UHD ready without costly upgrades to your TMS, umbilical or winch. The DVCi-R4K colour camera is a full UHD camera with 10 times optical zoom capability and is controlled via an App on a NETmc Marine DVR. The images produced are 20 times larger than that of a standard PAL composite camera image allowing tremendous detail to be recorded and very high resolution stills to be generated. This is the ultimate underwater inspection camera for your integrity campaigns; it even has a low light black and white mode for those more challenging locations.

Not since the DVCiR1080P has a mid-priced camera offered such performance to the ROV market. And all over an Ethernet or twisted pair.

Key Features:

Works over Ethernet or Twisted pair

10 times optical zoom

Focus fixed/auto

Image size up to 3840*2160

Formats supported 4k, 1080P and 720P

Easily integrates to the NETmc Marine DVR

Compatible with a number of industry standard inspection packages