A true and independent High Definition camera for divers to use either hat mounted or hand-held. The camera works over your existing umbilical copper conductors or main bell lift umbilical for crisp sharp 720P video files which are recorded on the NETmc Marine DVR.


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Why limit your HD inspections to ROVs? With the DVCiD camera any inspection can now be in glorious HD. A simplified version of the DVCiRHD, the diver camera has ultra low latency, is fixed focus and has no zoom capability, making it a simple camera to install and operate. The camera itself is smaller and lighter than most CV hat mounted cameras yet gives crystal clear images even when used over a possibly “tired” bell lift umbilical. With a standard 4pin Seacon type connector, the DVCiD can be plugged into your existing diver’s video cable, with the top-end being plugged into a NETmc Marine DVR running the DVCiD App. Other similar cameras on the market require to be integrated to the diver system, this can be costly and complicated, but the DVCiD is a completely independent system and so can be moved from one spread to another for whenever HD is required.

To keep costs down, the DVCiD uses the Diver’s existing lamps, so no complicated rewiring of the dive system is required.

As the system uses a NETmc Marine DVR for control, this allows the Diver inspection to be integrated with all the major integrity software packages on the market.

Key Features

Compatible with existing umbilical

Small and lightweight

Fixed focus

Format supported 720P

Easily integrates to the NETmc Marine DVR

Compatible with a number of industry standard inspection packages