A low cost stand-alone inspection / video acquisition software package for use in any asset inspection regime. Generate a list of Inspection Points or groups of associated Inspection Points and allocate a range of Tasks to be performed at each point or group of points. Select from a default list of tasks or customize the task to your own specific requirements.

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Why does integrity software have to be expensive and complicated and with such limiting licencing? There are many inspection regimes that do not require Nth degree detail and hundreds of reports but still require a comprehensive capability. E-Inspect was designed for such scenarios with a completely flexible inspection tree capability and default TASKS that can be tailored to specific Inspection Points (IP) or group of IPs E-Inspect enables customers to monitor the integrity of its assets in a variety of sectors.

E-Inspect has simple to navigate screens which guide the operator from the configuration and data input, to the control of the media as well as a dashboard that always shows the current status of the inspection. The screens are uncluttered with cells for descriptions and observations as well as entry boxes for specific criteria e.g. CP, anode wastage, marine growth etc. The attached DVR is controlled from E-Inspect, no manual operation of the recorder/camera system is required. E-Inspect is a Workpack driven package, for each Workpack a list of Inspection Points or groups of associated Inspection Points can be created, to which Tasks are allocated e.g. take CP. several Workpacks can be created e.g. for different customers or assets or locations on an asset. A list of Tasks can be made which will apply to every Inspection Point, however additional Tasks can be added to specific Tasks where required. A simple but comprehensive anomalous report is generated at the end of the project and includes all media for each IP or group of IP.

Key Features

Licence can be used for several assets

Workpack driven

Configure single or groups of Inspection Points

Applications; wind farms, platforms, bridges etc

Simple but comprehensive report