Free RTSP / IP License for NETmc Marine DVRs
5th Sep 2022

We are now shipping all new NETmc Marine DVRs with a free trial period IP/RTSP input licence pre-loaded. So, if you are considering moving to IP/RTSP cameras on your ROV or dive spread (including Bells) then you can test it with our DVR; it will work with a wide range of camera models and helps future proof your DVR purchase. Why not call us and discuss your selected camera’s suitability, or ask for a demo of our DVCiR (ROV) or DVCiD (Diver) IP cameras.

Already bought a standard composite input NETmc Marine DVR in the last 12months and want to trial an RTSP/IP input, don’t worry, we will also issue a demo licence to existing owners, so just contact our office to get a your free, time restricted (6months), RTSP/IP licence added to your existing NETmc Marine DVR.

For more details contact or call +44(0)1771644001.

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